Board Blog, 22.5.18


You’ve probably noticed far more mail, electronic and snail, in the last week or so, telling you more than you ever wanted to know about data protection. Much of it is dense, not easy to read and less easy to understand. The companies and organisations sending all this stuff to you are obliged to, if they hold any information about you. And they have to get your permission to continue to hold and use it. That’s what GDPR is about – making sure our private information stays private.

The BCYC Manager and Board Chair undertook training in how to look after users’ data. Electronic data is being protected through encryption and in other ways. Hard copy data, that is, paper information, is also protected carefully. And crucially, our staff and our volunteers maintain best practice in terms of sharing information – we simply don’t do that unless we have express permission from the owner of that information.




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