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Last week we told you about our celebration of Bealtaine (the month long festival of older people’s creativity) on May 13th – the Reminiscence Tea Dance remembering Dublin in the Rare Old Times. It set us thinking about the creativity of older people in our centre.

For example, every week teams of volunteers, 150 in all, set about cooking more than 70 meals per day for housebound and ill members of our community. When the meals are ready, more volunteer drivers deliver these meals in good time for lunch each day. There’s no doubting the creativity of the chefs (picture attached); the contribution of the drivers is profound as well. Sometimes the drivers are the only people those who receive the meals might see all day. They’re a valuable human contact point for the housebound.

Of course, not everyone who cooks and drives is an older person. Nevertheless, a big proportion of these volunteers have been committed to this work (as members of the former Community Care Group) not just for years but for decades. The Meals on Wheels service couldn’t function without them. So Bravo to our very own Bealtaine heroes and heroines.


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