Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is provided for the children in our cafe space.  Cafe is set up each morning for breakfast for the children at 7:30am.  Food will be served with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle.  Staff will cater for any special dietary needs.

Our pre and after school service, ”Cáirde” enables working parents to avail of high quality and affordable childcare.  Cáirde is an all year round service for primary school children in the local area.

The Walking School Bus

Children walk to local schools from BCYC as the “walking school bus”. A walking school bus is a healthy, environmentally conscious, safe and fun way to travel to and from school. Staff walk children to school along routes approved by South Dublin County Council and Rathfarnham Garda.

There are many benefits from the walking school bus, some of which include;

• The increase in physical activity for children

• The benefits obtained from fresh air and exercising outdoors

• The learning of valuable road safety skills by the children

• The reduction in traffic around the schools and Ballyroan area

• The reduction in pollution from car omissions in the Ballyroan area

• The benefits of networking with our stakeholders to implement best practice


The children walk to school in a group along approved routes. Everyone wears a reflective jacket. On the way to school, children chat to their friends, learn valuable road safety skills and also gain some independence.  Children can be collected again after school and returned to BCYC by our staff.

Back in BCYC on schooldays

Homework club

The children will be supervised as they do their homework by our qualified childcare staff.

This will have many benefits to both parents and children, some of which include;


• Children supported with their homework

• Parents spending time with their children without attending to homework

• Parents informed of any learning issues with their children during homework

• Homework completed on Fridays keeping weekends free for other activities


Dinner time

Children will be provided with dinner each day. Healthy food will be served to the children in BCYC.  Dinners are “HSE” approved.  Any special dietary needs will be catered for.


Age appropriate activities

Children will be supervised by qualified childcare workers. Age appropriate activities will be designed and delivered to the children.


Professional activities

Children can participate in activities such as art and karate.  Activities are designed and delivered by qualified professionals.



Children are collected up to 6.30pm each evening.


The service is open during the school holidays which has proved very beneficial to working parents.



Telephone : 01 4958576   

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